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Did I ever mention I dabble in photography? And by "dabble" I mean "Oh! That's pretty!" and I grab my camera. Sometimes something pretty awesome comes out of it.
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Since that last one turned out so well, I added it to some stickers and prints in my Zazzle shop.

I was also visited by a little yellow bird today. It came tapping at my window and seemed to be telling me to stop worrying so much about the future and how things will turn out. Seeing as how I was worrying at the time, this makes sense to me. So, on this, my last day of vacation, I'm spending the day messing around with Penny while I crochet and write. Maybe I'll even sketch a little. I'm feeling pretty damn inspired. :)
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Every once in a while, I draw something too cute to keep to myself. So I'm sharing it. XD

Here's a link to my Zazzle shop for ATQM. I'll be adding to it periodically but for now, there's a bunch of merchandise featuring my Vampire Cupcake. I sketched him out and [ profile] nocturnian did the coloring for me. See her Zazzle store here.

So, there's one of my goals or 2011 right there: open a Zazzle shop. I am entirely too pleased with this and I'm doing my level best not to buy anything.

On the writing front, I'm still working on that thriller entry. I had a great idea which is germinating in my brainmeats. Today, I seem to have Gods in the Grey City and Greenhouse beating on each other for attention. I'll probably work on them both just to make sure they don't kill one another. XD

As you can see, it's been very busy in Lenni's brain. I also owe you guys a review of Peach Girl, which I finished watching last night. I'll get to that. Promise. ;)


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