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My stupid ass is back in debt again. 9_9

See, I'm not one of those "Good Debt, Bad Debt" sort of people. I'm just like my Ma: I hate owing anyone money, EVER. I pay my credit card balances in full, my bills when I get them in the mail (as long as I have the cash to do it) and I refrain from borrowing money flat out from friends or family. Just leads to trouble I do a great deal of preparation to avoid.

Today, we signed the papers for the mortgage to put the second floor on our house. A thirty year mortgage. I've never owed so much money for so long in my entire life. @_@ 

So, in my head I'm thinking fuck tendonitis, I need to write and crochet my little heart out to have books and needlework to sell to pay for all this and still have this second kid my uterus is screaming for. 9_9 I'll be paying a mortgage and sending kids to college at the same time! WEE!!

For the luvva gods, somebody buy the books!! XD
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I have justified my existence by putting something in my shop. W00t.

Now I need to crochet more.

And edit. That can't be stressed enough.

And d00d! My kid read today! She can read! Woohoo!! >D

Comic Con

Oct. 16th, 2009 11:10 am
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There's inspiration and there's inspiration, and Baltimore Comic Con was inspiration. I got to go with fellow amazing creatrix; [ profile] nocturnian and had an absolute blast. I got to meet David Mack and contrary to my vow to make it cool this time when I met him, I think I freaked him out with my fangirlish glee.

Now, being fairly naiive about convention protocol, I did not realize there would be a table upon which one could leave cards and various printed advertisements for comics, artists, musicians, etc. If my site was up and functional with something on it, I would totally leave a pile there to get people to come. As it stands, the site is a bookmark with a bunch of "work in progress" messages all over it. I'll get to it soon. I seem to be in writing mode, not typing mode these days. ^^;; I'm also playing around with my Etsy shop and trying to get it stocked up so I can feel like it's doing something other than just taking up space on the interwebz. Hey, anything that can bring in an extra cent or two at this point is fine by me. XD

Better get back to the writing.


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