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Since I seem to be meeting so many interesting people on Twitter, I'm going to really try and comment on more of their blogs. I've added a good chunk of my Twitter follower's blogs to my Google reader and if you see a comment from some crazy chick named "Lenni" do not me alarmed. It's my lame assed attempt to be social.

Other than that, I am still working on my second novel for the First Brood series and the lesbian thriller for that anthology query. I am also thinking about posting the rejected steampunk lesbian story I wrote. I still get a kick about an anthology out there for a concept I was already working on, but it's awesome that it's out there even if I'm not a part of it. ^_^

I think a LOT about types of characters which are underrepresented or represented poorly. Where are the bisexual, biracial, career women who are in stable relationships? And I don't think of this just cause I wanna see more people like myself, I really think there's a terrible stigma against bisexuals to this day. It sucks, but it's there.

So, I guess that's my indie writer's advice of the day: If you don't see enough of it? Write it. XD

Now, back to work for me. ;)

Wow... 0.0

Apr. 23rd, 2011 10:49 am
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I randomly logged into Create Space to work on getting Dreamhunter on Kindle (pauses for cheers of joy) and I see that I have a message.

I sold a book. To somebody I don't know.

I'm sure this has happened before since I've sold a grand total of 20 or so copies of DH and I know about 8-10 of them personally (and minus the 4 copies I've purchased myself), but I'm still nervous that someone I don't know has my baby in their hands. I really hope they like it. *chews fingernails*

My ankle is healing nicely and I'm spending the time reading and writing. Mostly, I've been working on Greenhouse but of course there are other stories floating around. I'm brainstorming the third book in the First Brood series already but that doesn't have a title yet.

I'm a little wonky today since last night was hubbsters 30th birthday dinner. I nursed one cherry blossom martini the whole night while he got shitfaced. I also went home early so I could steal Monkeygirl cuddles and he went to a bar and got so drunk (I hear) that people were able to draw on him without his knowledge. I demand pictures, people!! XD

Since it is a rainy and crappy day, I'm sure it'll be quiet so I can write.

Now that I've said that, I'm sure it won't happen. :p
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Using a pen, I have done terrible, TERRIBLE things to paper.

And I can't wait to share. >}

I am one sick woman. XD

More ego stroking: Today, I was told by a coworker that a patron who took my book out was absolutely raving about it and wanted to meet me. I am not used to people I don't know telling me they like my book, to be honest. It's cool and nerve wracking at the same time. @_@ I ordered some business cards to promote the short fiction that's there (and what's to come, mwahahaha!!) so I hope I'll sell more books and get more traffic to my site.

Like my writing? Tell a friend. That's all I ask. ;)
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Auris is a snarky guy when he puts his mind to it. This brings forth a wellspring of quotes and comebacks that I'm never sure I'll get to use in a story. Here is one of them:

"What I do or do not allow to happen in my own bed is none of your business. All you need to know is I am stronger than you and I am of a mind to merely maim you and leave you to the tender mercies of your pack."

In my universe, vampires and werewolves aren't at war but they sure don't like each other very much. Weres see vampires as a drain on resources because they require more blood than other Lilim, and vampires see weres as pretentious, judgmental prisses; which they really are. Emma and Auris' relationship is very unique and rare among the Lilim.
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This has been a pretty shitty week (including the weekend). Between chronic problems with hubby's car and a stupid fight with a friend, life seemed generally in the shitter.

Until now. ^____^

That's right guys and dolls, "Dreamhunter" is ready to be purchased in print or as a PDF for your hungry little brains to digest.

Now that all the drama is over, I can get back to work and get a less ugly site up and ready to go. Writing will take time, though. Stress is like a kick in the nads to my muse. We both need a deep breath, some quiet time to heal, and perhaps a couple beers.

And hugs. Plenty of hugs.

Oh, and this is WIN. The Last Airbender movie sucked ass. Fan or no fan - and I am a HUGE fan of this cartoon - there was only a single redeeming factor in this movie: the effects. Elements are bended, glowy tattoos glow, but for 12$ a ticket, I feel ripped off and Shyamalan owes me 2 hours of my life back. The universe was already built, the story already written, HOW THE BLOODY FUCKING HELL DO YOU SCREW THAT UP??? HOW!
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While I work on the website (torture I tellz ya), here's a bit to keep ya busy. >}

             He rises from the cold slab, burnt, decaying, crackling as the crust that was once soft, silky flesh breaks when he moves.  The nurse takes a deep breath to scream out her horror, but she makes the big mistake of catching his eyes, still intact, still brighter than any violet stone set in metal.  She lets her scream out in a rush of a sigh, her skin reddening and warming, lust overtaking nausea.

            He ambles over to her, and she flattens herself against a wall, knocking something nondescript on the floor.  His desire inflames hers and she shivers when his labored breath dances across her neck, though it gurgles from his nose.

            “I will not take what is not freely given.”  His voice jangles his vocal chords, and he speaks overly slow to make himself understood.  “Will you give me what I need?”

            She wants to, with all her being, she wants to give those eyes whatever they want.  A face flashes though her mind, important but undetailed in the second it takes to pass and her head shakes in the negative in such a small degree, only he can tell she’s even done it.

            “Very well.”  He says, his mouth traveling away from her head entirely.  He succumbs to his own weight, kneeling clumsily and taking her soft hand in his own to kiss a band on her left hand.  When she sighs in disappointment, he says “Your loyalty to your man has saved your life tonight.  Buy your man a flower when you return home.  Place it on a tray with his breakfast when he wakes.”

            When she gathers herself enough to look where those lips have touched her, he is gone.

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"Dreamhunter" has been updated with chapter 11 and I fixed the code so all the text is one color. This weekend, I will once again tackle building the website. Each chapter will have its own page instead of my audience being forced to scroll through the whole story over and over again

Now, off to write! I have 16 pages to get through before tonight. I'm goin out! >D
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My weekend of fun was indeed much fun but not so much in the way of work really got done. XD Me and my friend had out own private wine tasting in our awesome room. While we enjoyed some of the fine (and not so fine) wines that Long Island has to offer, we ate cheese and Triscuts, she watched the last season of True Blood and I did more wine enjoying that writing. I even have a very proud wine stain on the page where I believe I completed an entire sentence. :p

This is also the first time I've really been near entire episodes of True Blood. It was season two and I really have to wonder when they have time to shove in a plot between all the sex they were having! I overheard more sex in those few episodes than I really believe I've had in my entire life. Ever. One MUST believe a vagina just gets tired, ya know?

Anyway, I returned home to the same child who didn't miss me at all and frankly barely cared I was gone. 9_9 So, I was easily able to make up a page or so after I got back since she wanted nothing to do with me. I have been told this is a phase but still, hearing her say "I don't like you. Go away! I don't want you!" is very much akin to being stabbed in the heart. I did warn her that she shouldn't say such things to her mother so close to her birthday but toddler rage is swift and absolute.

The worst thing about trying to fit my creativity in around what little time I have with my daughter was having to hear that she hates my writing. You may be surprised at how profound a near three year old can be. She hates my writing because she rather me spend time with her. The flip side is how she does treat me when she has all my attention (see above paragraph). Now, I would love, love, LOVE to involve her with my writing or just have her head on one knee and my notebook on the other. But I don't get work done. She fidgets, demands water, or insists I write her name all over the page. History will be very intrigued by scans of my original manuscripts, let me tell ya. XD

Since her birthday is next week, I have taken several days off from Day Job and will try to sneak in a page or two while she refuses to be interrupted during Sesame Street. Yes, my kid watches TV. That may be part of why she has such an amazing vocabulary and makes up these wild stories. 0.0 Then again, she may indeed be her mother's daughter. ;)

On that poor parenting note: Off to writing and perhaps a little sketching. We'll see.
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Here I was thinking LoudTwitter was working while I was neglecting my blog, but noooOOOooo... T_T

Anyways, to catch up, the edits on "Dreamhunter" are done and the text has gone to the right people. ^_^ Including some cover art from the lovely and talented [ profile] nocturnian . No previews of the art till I'm sure it'll really be on the book.

Let us all cross our fingers and toes, shall we?

In the mean time, I have resumed work on "Greenhouse," as well as several other projects. I have been doing a very good job of keeping up with my quota despite my ever evolving workout schedule and my new addiction to Mad Men. XD

Till later!


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