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Honestly, I don't wanna blog. I wanna go write. :/ But the time has come for a big reveal!!

As you can see, most of the time I use the above icon as my "picture." It's a picture I commissioned and I love it. ^_^ However, my weekend has brought me some pictures of myself that I don't completely loathe. So, here's my weekend in a nutshell:Read more... )

I return!

Aug. 31st, 2010 11:54 am
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Back at dayjob from a nice vacation to a desk piled high with work. YAY!

That's right, I said "yay." Taking a break from work is all well and good but I am not the type to stay at home all the time. I will go insane. I did very much enjoy spending quality time with my kiddo. She can really tweak the guilt when she puts her mind to it. "I don't want you to go back to work ever, ever again." She tells me. A quick explanation if how exactly those shiny shoes that are just like Dorothy's, came to be in our home and subsequently on her feet, and it was acceptable for me to work. Yah know, as long as I've got her permission and all. ;)

Other than playing with her I worked out. A LOT. More accurately, my kiddo worked out with me. I am finally noticing a difference in how I look and feel and how my clothes fit. I am very much looking forward to Samhain this year. I can't wait to actually be able to dress up with my kid and not feel like a bloated hog crammed into some lycra monstrosity. >_< Anywayz, the P90x I'm using to workout works. It works very well. It hurts like you wouldn't believe, I can barely keep up, and I have to modify the hell out of some of the workouts because I have bad knees, but it works. It warns against people who are not fit doing it but since I seem to enjoy punishment, I jumped right in. Don't be like me.

Right now I am reading Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty Trilogy. Uhhmmm... I'm gonna withhold my full judgment till I'm completely done with the series (I'm midway through the third one now, they're fast reads) but I'll say first off I find the lack of consent completely disturbing. I understand what it means to be a complete slave but these are young men and women given to the royal court by their parents who have no option at all to say "Gee, I don't think I enjoy being raped in to submission by the kitchen staff. I think I'd like to go home." Just... Wow.

These days, I'm back to working on "Greenhouse." Better get back to it then! :D
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I think I am going to go on hiatus to concentrate on getting "Dreamhunter" edited. I may lose readers (the two out there who don't already know me) but it's worth it in the long run.

So my shop and ATQM will be on vacation till this last edit blitz is done.

I'll keep updating as to progress.



Feb. 3rd, 2010 10:03 pm
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I've done a fat lotta nothing on my vacation. You'd think that's what you're supposed to do but not me. I'm usually perpetually working.

Now I have writer's block.



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