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Remember all that writing I've been talking about? Here's some of the evidence of it. This story is based on some art I did (both old and new) and it's been kicking around in my head for YEARS. No sense wasting a good idea so here it is. That title is not permanent and I'll change it whenever a better one comes along. :p

I'm not sure what will be up next. I have a script but that I won't be posting when it's done. It goes right to the artist/my boss after that. ;)

So enjoy! Or not. Either way, go read it. XD
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Here I am back from my week long girl get away. Eh, it's not bad to be back. I did miss my family. But man, did I ever have fun. >}

I'm back to writing and typing Greenhouse as I edit Dreamhunter to be put up on Createspace. I also have to finish typing all those short stories and the next bit of Go Away Girls to post on the site. It's been a busy holiday season what with all the baking I've been doing to prepare (and for fun), but since I'm going back to work in the morning, I'll have my head completely back in the game tomorrow. ^_^

Tomorrow is also Yule, which I look forward to almost as much as Beltane. :) This year will have a full moon as well so I would like to take the kiddo out to gaze at it as long as weather permits. She's a little young for full on rituals so a little prayer will have to do.

The holidays are certainly taking there toll on me. I can tell because I'm perpetually sleepy and I have a lovely, stress induced sty forming. It doesn't look bad and I intend to keep it that way, damnit. If I keep soaking it and can manage not to touch my eye, it should be gone in time for the 25th where I will be shuttled around to people who don't hide from cameras like I do. >_o If not, I'll have to get creative about my poses. XD

Till tomorrow, lovelies!
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I did fix the site but some how, the files won't upload to the web... Again. Tech support at Fat Cow must be SO sick of hearing from me but this time I asked them how I can fix this my damn self so I don't have to bug them anymore.

Today's blurb is a teaser for a future First Brood novel.

“Though his teeth and claws might still draw a bit of blood, you have a fine set all your own. And here, now, you have the absolute freedom to use them, should you choose. Just try not to kill him.”
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"Dreamhunter" has been updated with chapter 11 and I fixed the code so all the text is one color. This weekend, I will once again tackle building the website. Each chapter will have its own page instead of my audience being forced to scroll through the whole story over and over again

Now, off to write! I have 16 pages to get through before tonight. I'm goin out! >D
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I'm changing my update schedule. Here's why.

I was sent this by a good friend of mine (name withheld till I know it's cool with her to mention it) and it got me thinking a couple things:

One: Ha! Perhaps I'm in the wrong genre and I should start churning out massive amounts of erotica. That'll be interesting to explain to my mother now and my kid later. XD

Two: Since I have so many ideas in my head and I want my site to be a success, I want to make sure it's the best stuff possible. No more discovering typos after the fact. Well, that's probably gonna happen anyway but lest often now. XD I want the updates to be longer ad more detailed so I'm changing the updates to every other week unless I get pretty darn ambitious. I want the site to be as professional as a snarky bitch like me can get it. Do I need to be as popular as Zane ever? Not particularly. Couldn't hurt. ;) But let's not count chickens, yes?

I'll do a better job of keeping this journal updated as well. But for now, I'm off to write! Latahz!

Of course

May. 2nd, 2010 04:04 pm
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I forget to update the journal that I updated the website. Good job, Lenni. :p Anyways, "Djinn" has been cleaned up and updated. I am working on that at a pretty good pace, along with my contest entry, and a couple of side projects I'm working on. As you can see, I've changed my avatar to a beautiful portrait that [ profile] nocturnian created for me. I look exactly like that... All the time... Honest. ;) You can check out her work here. You won't be sorry.

And back to work for me! I'm already a page into my word goal for the day. ;)
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Instead of writing, I've been editing trying to meet my deadline so I am fairly uncertain about tomorrow's update.  ._. Nobody knows what the day will bring so I'm not backing out of it just yet.

So, my deep thoughts on being 29 (as I'm sure you are all chomping at the bit to hear them). When I think about what I've accomplished in 29 years, I really can't say I've done a bad job. I have a good career, good kid, good husband, have set foot in at least 5 other countries, written two complete novels, and a bevy of short stories. I can't complain. So, bring it on, 30. I look forward to it. ^_^

Gee, is there anything else I forgot to cover? *ponders*
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"Julian" aside from being a class assignment, was also an experiment for me in writing a short story with pure dialog. I wrote it circa 2002. It's edited to make it a little cleaner but it's pretty much exactly what I wrote back then. I had fun with it. :) I may write more with Julian since she's very cool and she's my outlet for channeling Motoko from Ghost in the Shell. XD

And "Djinn" will update as it comes. I'm just letting this story flow. I have no plan. You have been warned. XD
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I have had a rough week so there is no update today. In return, I'm working hard to have a super-mega-amazing-awesome type update for next week.

I'll try to say something witty between now and then. >D


Jan. 22nd, 2010 05:19 pm
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Chapter one of "Djinn" is complete. This is literally brand spanking new. I have no concrete plans for this book. It's flowing as it will.

And I added a Shelfari widget to my profile. >D


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