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Been awhile, eh? Well, here we go! >D This is the intro to a silly little story I'm writing called "Winter Boot." It was inspired by a statue of a frog riding a hare that my neighbor gave me as a new baby/housewarming gift. No, I don't quite know what she was thinking.

It was warm the day my father died. It's been winter ever since.
I knew Daddy had magic. He chased away the monsters under my bed, flipped pancakes, and reached high shelves to get treats for me. But I didn't think he held back the snow.


Yes, I have the mentality of a child. What the hell of it? XD

And another friendly note from your favorite librarian (and of course that's me): Do not snidely say how helpful I was when I can't pull a copy of the latest best seller out of my ass and cannot mathematically predict when you will get your copy. That's the wonder of sharing books with every person in your town, somebody else might wanna read it, too.

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I LOVE Jeff Somers' books. I got lucky enough to meet him quite by chance at NY Comic Con last year when I had no clue what he looked like. The exchange went something like this:

Me (with fangirlish glee): YOU wrote The Electric Church!!
Mr. Somers (in fear and quite ready to flee from me): Yeeesss...
Me: I LOVE that book!!
Mr. Somers (in very obvious relief): Oh, thank you. That's great! Here, let me sign that copy for you.

And he did.

This is relevant because I wanted to share this video when Mr. Somers responds to an question about his writing process (which is a question I am often asked and think he has the best response):

I really enjoy what he says about word counts and having the best intentions for the day. I'm not giving up on my word goals but I'm not going to be as hard on myself if I don't quite make it. But I'm sticking to my guns about cheap RED wine and not cheap white wine. White wine feels like nail polish remover on my tongue.

No, I have not deliberately tasted nail polish remover. I just stupidly put my finger near my mouth after cleaning off my nails.

Now, I'm not sure who's luckier: Him, who get's to write all day, or me, who get's to see all these awesome books coming into the library all day and write whenever there's a quiet moment to be had... I think I have to say me cause my job sends me to conventions and expos where I get advance copies of certain crazy author's books. XD

For this week's shortie? A snippet from the Dreamhunter sequel, Greenhouse:

Raquel smiled. "You don't know what love feels like, huh?"
"Right to the point as always." Darjeeling grumbled, her cheeks turning the red that was once her hair.
"It's warm." Raquel held her friend's chin in one hand while applying muddy gel to Darjeeling's eyebrows with the other. "You feel an overwhelming warmth when you look at them. You start to see them as brand new again, like they're a fabulous stranger. If you don't see them, it shocks you to your core." She smirked at Darjeeling's bewildered expression." Sound familiar?"

Now, I'm off to do whatever I can while I'm at Dayjob. Tomorrow is Get New Shoes For Monkeygirl and Work On Website day. This clueless author finally figured out what was wrong with the root directory that was making the old page come up instead of the new one. Lookit me, lernin shit.
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"All he's talked about today is naked men and bacon!!!"

In or out of context, this is still great. XD
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Auris is a snarky guy when he puts his mind to it. This brings forth a wellspring of quotes and comebacks that I'm never sure I'll get to use in a story. Here is one of them:

"What I do or do not allow to happen in my own bed is none of your business. All you need to know is I am stronger than you and I am of a mind to merely maim you and leave you to the tender mercies of your pack."

In my universe, vampires and werewolves aren't at war but they sure don't like each other very much. Weres see vampires as a drain on resources because they require more blood than other Lilim, and vampires see weres as pretentious, judgmental prisses; which they really are. Emma and Auris' relationship is very unique and rare among the Lilim.
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I did fix the site but some how, the files won't upload to the web... Again. Tech support at Fat Cow must be SO sick of hearing from me but this time I asked them how I can fix this my damn self so I don't have to bug them anymore.

Today's blurb is a teaser for a future First Brood novel.

“Though his teeth and claws might still draw a bit of blood, you have a fine set all your own. And here, now, you have the absolute freedom to use them, should you choose. Just try not to kill him.”
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The website is semi functional. The most important part is that the Dreamhunter page works. :)

This Saturday, a preview of my steampunk in progress: "Go Away Girls"

It’s when the pipes hiss that she hates living here. A high pitched wail echoing off the buildings and all the animals cry in response, creating one big auditory torture device out of the city. The vaguely human shaped puddle at her feet didn’t inspire any ballads about Trixa, either.

I have more but I'm not telling. Neener, neener. XD
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While I work on the website (torture I tellz ya), here's a bit to keep ya busy. >}

             He rises from the cold slab, burnt, decaying, crackling as the crust that was once soft, silky flesh breaks when he moves.  The nurse takes a deep breath to scream out her horror, but she makes the big mistake of catching his eyes, still intact, still brighter than any violet stone set in metal.  She lets her scream out in a rush of a sigh, her skin reddening and warming, lust overtaking nausea.

            He ambles over to her, and she flattens herself against a wall, knocking something nondescript on the floor.  His desire inflames hers and she shivers when his labored breath dances across her neck, though it gurgles from his nose.

            “I will not take what is not freely given.”  His voice jangles his vocal chords, and he speaks overly slow to make himself understood.  “Will you give me what I need?”

            She wants to, with all her being, she wants to give those eyes whatever they want.  A face flashes though her mind, important but undetailed in the second it takes to pass and her head shakes in the negative in such a small degree, only he can tell she’s even done it.

            “Very well.”  He says, his mouth traveling away from her head entirely.  He succumbs to his own weight, kneeling clumsily and taking her soft hand in his own to kiss a band on her left hand.  When she sighs in disappointment, he says “Your loyalty to your man has saved your life tonight.  Buy your man a flower when you return home.  Place it on a tray with his breakfast when he wakes.”

            When she gathers herself enough to look where those lips have touched her, he is gone.

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I've decided Saturdays will be the days I post little story snippets. Some are in finished stories, some are in current projects, some are plain ole brain farts. It'll be fun. Enjoy the ride.

"Once upon a time, a man fell through a portal to another world. He was beset upon my the creatures who lived there and immediately killed. The end.
What? Not good enough? Pity... This way would have been much kinder."


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