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The typed rough draft of the lesbian thriller entry is complete!! MwahaHA!!

Oh, it needs so much editing it's not even funny; but it's there and I'm happy. ^_^ Because I can work on Greenhouse again! YAYZ!

But looking at how things are going I may be able to submit on Saturday.  If I've learned anything is that I'm not exactly the best at writing mysteries/thrillers/noir-thingz but that could change if I ever decided to do another one.

If I do? There will be dragons in it or SOMETHING!!

On a slightly less productive note, I finished my first foray in to 10 Fantasy Sagas That Are Wronger Than Twilight with The Cat's Fancy and yeah, typical romance. Nothing overtly horrid. Nothing to see here. I also finished Pleasure Unbound, by Larissa Ione and, again, another 'meh' on the "wrong" factor scale. I mean, I can see where someone who hasn't read supernatural romance may be put off by the "Wow, it's page 5 and they're screwing already cause he's an incubus but she's just had her guts stitched back together" thing but after about 10 of these, you expect it. Especially if you've written and read about incubi before. It's as if a shark bit you, it's what they DO: Have sex with women. Give me an incubus who's made a vow of celibacy. Now THAT would be odd.

Now I'm reading Touched by Venom, by Janine Cross and already we've got people getting high on dragon venom and whipping each other with their junk hanging out so I'm already heading towards "What have I done to my brain" territory. Not quite. That's reserved for the Beauty books. XD Yes, I will keep linking back to that and YES, there are spoilers for the series there.

As for my Mom, things are still going the same. It's day by day, week by week. So, there really is no sense being overly depressed about it. She's here NOW and that's what matters. :)

Better get back to work then, eh? Time waits for no one! :D
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Aside for needing to just update more (prepare to hear more complaints about my kid and the general joys of being a working mother who scrapes for time to be creative), I have been thinking about how to make this a bit more lucrative. I have sold a couple more books and more people have been coming to my site, but at the same time I am becoming more aware of how I spend my time.

In order to make "extra" money, I've been taking as much overtime at work as I can get. And it doesn't seem to matter because no matter how much "extra" money I get, I either break even or am slightly less behind than before. My kid is literally BEGGING me for my attention and acting up because I'm not around. I'm always working. I'm working so much that on my days off I am so freaking tired, I can't play with her.

Though I love my mother to Reece's Pieces, that was one mistake she made with me. As a single mom, she worked two jobs to make sure I had not only everything I needed but extra: Dance lessons, Saturday enrichment classes, instrument lessons... I was a very busy child. In addition, on her days off she had to take care of the yard and house. We didn't pay for landscapers; she mowed our HUGE lawn and tended all our bushes herself. And cleaned. Didn't cook, though. Ma can't cook for shit. XD All this made it so at the end of the day, she was too tired even for a game of Chinese Checkers.

Since I don't want to make that mistake, I will be taking less OT in the future. However, there is still a mortgage to be paid and my kid will always be better served if kept warm and fed whether I'm around or not. :p And since both me and the husband work full time, it couldn't hurt if I explored some other avenues of income. That short story that got rejected? Rather than post it for free, I'll make it available on Kindle on the cheap. As soon as I figure out how the formatting works. @_@ Everything that's on my site now for free will remain as such but in the future, my short stories will go up on Kindle with previews on the site. As much as I want to be the cool author chick who gives her awesome stories away for free for all you lovely people to enjoy to your hearts content but, Lenni needs to keep her house. And eat. Food is great! :D Oh!! And clothes! Trust me, it's to everyone's benefit that I walk around with clothing on. XD

To that end, I'm back to my 5 page a day goal. And my journal doesn't count. Neither does the blog. Five pages a day of pure creative genius. I'll get there. ;)
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I declare the short story experiment over!!! And the final tally is: *drumroll*

1 story ready to be all typed up.
2 stories very close to being done
3 somewhere in the middle
2 in the concept stage

I consider this a victory because I spent the whole month working on whatever the hell I wanted with no pressure. No "I need to finish this novel because if I don't log some words in, I'll feel guilty." Nope. I got an idea, I started writing it. It was very freeing. I felt more like a creative creature than a chick with (another) job to do.

On that note, I will need to tackle the enormous task of typing up all this stuff so it's uploaded to my site which hasn't been updated in... A long time. >_<

And this made me so sad. I'll really miss Leslie Nielsen. He was an awesome actor.
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Will it be successful? Probably not. Will stick with it? Probably not. Will it make anyone other than me laugh? Probably not.

But I'm doing it anyway. XD

I'm one of the few who would prefer a pat down to a scan, (I have two direct relatives with cancer) but do not relish the feeling of hands sliding over my rolls of fatness, here is my blog on how I will become more TSA compliant.

Because, it's good to have a goal. XD

In other news, The Short Story Project is still on only I'm including scripts in what qualifies as "short story." So far, what seems to have happened is the idea of the project has kept me writing a few lines every day and brainstorming new ones all the time. Heck, I had three ideas for scripts yesterday in a 5 minute span! That felt awesome. So, even if I don't finish another story, in that, this experiment was a complete success! :D

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There are certain authors who could write a phone book and I would run off to read it. Robert Krikman is one of them. As the go to gal for graphic novels in my library, you know damn well I made sure to get The Walking Dead series as part of my collection. I also make sure to read as much of the collection as I can. I got sucked into this series from word one. Cue the fangirlish screaming when I hear a television show is being made!

And of course the "please don't fuck this up" prayers.

I consider my prayers answered! I am so happy with where this show is going, I can scarcely believe it! I've seen a lot of zombie movies (it was one of the cravings I had when I was pregnant... Don't ask.) and while I may be biased since I'm a fan of the comic, The Walking Dead gives me so much more than just "zomg, don't eat me." If I want that I can watch Resident Evil AND I'll get to stare at Michelle Rodriguez. Walking Dead is not really about the zombies, it's about the survivors and how this effects them. People love to sit and wonder "Gee, I wonder how I'd fair in the zombie apocalypse?" And here, you get a likely answer. You would scrape for any normalcy you could get all the while being stripped of your sanity and civility.

As for my plan? I plan to be the most epic zombie ever. Me and my zombie kid shall roam together a la this book, until my hillbilly husband puts a bullet in my head. XD I harbor no illusions as to my physical prowess. I'd be infected and roaming the countryside in a week.

As for my little experiment, I've gotten one story complete so far and I'm close to another one getting finished in a day or so depending on where it goes. I'm also sketching again (hell froze over and Dad is pissed) so I plan to open a Zazzle shop with some of my little doodles on them. Anything to make the money, baby!
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Using a pen, I have done terrible, TERRIBLE things to paper.

And I can't wait to share. >}

I am one sick woman. XD

More ego stroking: Today, I was told by a coworker that a patron who took my book out was absolutely raving about it and wanted to meet me. I am not used to people I don't know telling me they like my book, to be honest. It's cool and nerve wracking at the same time. @_@ I ordered some business cards to promote the short fiction that's there (and what's to come, mwahahaha!!) so I hope I'll sell more books and get more traffic to my site.

Like my writing? Tell a friend. That's all I ask. ;)


Nov. 10th, 2010 07:08 pm
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I'm already rating the Short Story Experiment a success!! >D I am adoring this. I'm working in so many different genres, nothing gets boring and I don't feel harassed! :D Here's a snippet of a new one I started:

It was warm the day my father died. It's been winter ever since. I knew he had magic. He chased away monsters under my bed, flipped pancakes without a mess, and reached high shelves to get treats for me. But I didn't think his life held back the snow.

Ahh, yes... I am enjoying this WAY too much!
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If you see something in your local library that you enjoy? Tell. Your. Librarian. I really can't stress that enough.

Today I had a very nice man ask me how many graphic novels he could check out and my answer was simply "As many as you can carry." XD He'd come from several towns away because he saw online that our collection was so good. I take a bit of personal credit for this because it was my idea to have a graphic novel collection in adult in the first place.

But seriously, circulation statistics are not the only way we gauge if a collection is working or not. Tell the staff when you love something so they can do it more. And so they can smile, because we get yelled at a lot, too.

In other news, the nice men came to knock down the top of our house today. I haven't seen how far they've gotten yet. 0.0

My writing experiment is going well so far. I've got one story mere lines from completion, one 3/4 of the way done, and one I'm just beginning. The genres are all over the place so nothing ever gets boring! :D

And of course, I get a ton if ideas for my two main novels as I work on this experiment. Just lovely. But my muse has always been an attention whore. He likes to mess with my head.

Watch, he'll give me 2 weeks of writer's block for that.
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Tis October so the familiar rumblings of NaNoWriMo are upon us again. Let me succinctly sum up my feelings on this matter: I'm not doing that crazy shit again!!! I did it last year and not only did I NOT make the word count, the words I DID write were utter crap! There is something to be said, as loudly and often as possible, for quality over quantity. I started the Dreamhunter sequel during it and looking back on what was written, there is SO much work that needs to be done to it which would have been avoided if I would have just taken my time and done it correctly. This includes entire scenes which were left out because I was straining for a damn word count. A complete and utter waste of an entire month.

While it is an admirable goal for me to try and finish a novel in less than 8 years (that's how long it took DH to be officially completed), that is not the way to go. So it takes awhile. You, as well as me, will just have to live with that.

This is not to say I have no plans for November. Quite the opposite, actually. For that month, I will be taking a break from both my novels to see how many short stories I can complete in a month's time. Not typed and clean, just start to finish, under 100 pages or so. Perhaps one will be the spring board to another novel? Crap, I hope not. I've got about 10 in here... *knocks head* But I need practice in keeping things short. That's what I want to learn from this. ^_^
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I'm not a big user of brainstorming. In school, I used to roll my eyes and groan whenever that was a required part of an assignment. Now it seems I'm fricking CONSUMED by it! I always thought it was a waste of time, still kinda do, but it's better than staring at the blank page wondering why the hell it won't tell you what do to. Having a completely disorganized list of ideas is so much more productive. :p

With another short story under my belt tonight will be more "Greenhouse" typing and some brainstorming. I need some erotica ideas, some ideas for my "female friendship" story, and I have a demented idea for "Chick lit for chicks who are fucked up" which I really have to play with. it's just too fun not to. >}

So as I sit with my newly christened brainstorming notepad (meaning the first one that my fingers hit when I reached out for one) I try to imagine where I want my story to go, what I want the reader to get out of it, and what the characters have to tell me. Very often while I do this, an entire random scene will come out.  Many times I don't use them but sometimes I do. If I don't, it'll end up on a Super Shorty Saturday post like the others. XD I have a ton that I've never managed to use. But I keep everything, no matter what. And lucky for all of you lovely people, you get to read it. XD

And don't forget Dreamhunter is available for purchase. Yes, I will be mentioning that a lot. ;)


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