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As some much needed good news for today, I see another 5 star review on my vampire novel. :)

Not that I check them every day…

Not at all…

Shaddap. XD
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One: Mom will be coming home today. I won't be home when she gets home but knowing she'll be there makes me happy. I am calmer than I have been in days and never been more happy to be proven wrong in my life! :D

Two: I got a 5 star review on my lesbian steampunk pr0n! :D This sets up a bad precedent to me... XD To celebrate my first 5 star review on my first published short story, I've added a poster of the cover art in the Zazzle shop. The art work is once again by the fabulous [ profile] nocturnian, who helps me infect the world with my demented ideas. ;) You can see her comic and more of her art here.

Now that things are settling down, my hand is actually TWITCHING to write. I am not even joking. I feel the pen in my hand like a phantom limb.

Also, I went to see the last Harry Potter movie. To avoid any spoilers I will say only this: I laughed, I cried, I LOVED it. Go see it. ;)
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I sent in the query for the lesbian thriller anthology today. Even though you're supposed to query with the idea first before beginning work on the story, I personally felt better having it nearly complete beforehand. Even if the idea is a bust with the editor, I still have a story I can use elsewhere. I have a few final edits to make but I'm holding off to hear from the editor.

I've been getting back to work on GH and having a complete ball with it. It's SO much fun working on it again, I can't even tell you. XD Of course getting another 5 star review on Dreamhunter doesn't hurt, either. ;)

I also have become enamored with this video:

As a fan of Gaga and Judas Priest, I had a complete fangirlgasm. It's really well done. 0.0

Won't some generous fan make a fanvid or fanfic of my characters one day? A girl can dream... ;)
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This anime, based on this manga by Ai Yazawa, tells the story of a high school girl (there's a shocker) Yukari, who usually has her nose to the grindstone trying to get through her high school exams. Unlike her perfect little brother, Yukari has to study nearly to death just to get by. Yet one day, a guy in punk rock gear chases her into a giant drag queen and everything changes.

Much like reality, life is meaningless and colorless without a drag queen in it, and Yukari discovers an entirely new world of possibility when it's revealed these strange people she meets are part of Paradise Kiss; a group of fashion school students working together to start their own line of clothing and win the school's competition. They all feel to win, they need Yukari as a model.

Enter George. Ok, George is kind of a dick and that's being kind. As the resident bishonen, he's charming, superhawt and omg, you just wanna bite him (says the anime, I seem to be immune), but he also has a short temper when it comes to little high school girls who think they know everything and expect men to do things for them without a lick of effort on their part. To which I agree. But he's in COLLEGE! If you want that sort of maturity in your girlfriends, try not wooing high school girls!

I won't spoil the outcome of the series but I will say, just like in the manga, Yukari gets better as she goes along. She learns there is more than one road to success outside ceaseless studying. The world has color and life and should be looked at every so often.

If you like the books, you should check out the anime just to see the fashions in glorious color and movement. They make so much more sense than back when I read the books. However, if you already read them, borrow the anime. I just don't see much point in watching this one more than once. *shrugs*
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I'd planned a long entry a couple days ago but then Ma went into the hospital with shingles and well, I freaked out. She's doing fine so now that I'm calmer I can update the blog with SOMETHING. :p

I'm awaiting a file review for getting Dreamhunter on Kindle and a review of my book from Sorean by [ profile] clockworklady . Pardon me for freaking out in both cases. XD I'm trying not to chew my fingernails right off.

Once I'm confident DH went up smoothly, the short stories will start to go up. Eventually, I would like to collect all my short stories in a bound book but for now, Kindle seems to be the way to go for me.

My new 5 page a day goal is going pretty well (the hospital scare where I not only did NOT write, I didn't sleep... Or eat). I've been bouncing back and forth between Greenhouse, Grey City and the lesbian thriller. I'm having such a fabulous time working on them, you have no idea. >D I grab every spare moment I can. :)

Since Ma is still in the hospital, I'm walking to the train on weekday mornings. Today I managed to give myself a fabulous blister on my foot so instead of watching Dr. Who on the treadmill, I'll just sit and watch it. I also have to review Paradise Kiss for you guys.

All in good time, my pretties.
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Since I've had the type of day leaving me with my foot up and ice pack on my ankle, I'm making the rounds on all my blogs to do some sorely needed updating. I need to keep off the foot and keep it on ice till I wrap it for bed so it's a very good use of my time. :)

Peach Girl follows the adventures of Momo, a Japanese high school girl with dark skin and light hair. People think she's an empty headed party girl but since she's on the swim team, the chlorine bleached her hair and the sun tanned her skin. All the wants is to be taken seriously as a normal girl, fall in love with her middle school crush, Toji, and be happy. But her "friend" Sae just keeps screwing things up for her in the most malicious ways.

As a fan of the manga, I was just completely stoked to see it on screen. I could see they changed some plot points here and there but it's generally verbatim from the books. This is pure high school drama and I love every freaking moment of it!! Hell, I even knew the end and I was still biting my teeth and crying like a big mush by the end of it. XD I love this series!! In fact, if you wanna get the Lenni a gift... Naw, I'm kidding. But if you like lovable characters and are the type to yell at the screen when a character does something stupid, this is totally the anime for you. There's no blood, no guts, no mechs, no sex (that rhymes on purpose) but it's perfect. Kudos, Miwa Ueda; the anime version of your manga is excellent. ^_^

On a totally random note: I added more to my Zazzle shop. There's a few sketches I did on stuff now. Yay...

Now, back to icing my ankle. =_=
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I've been really busy trying to get Dreamhunter ready for re-publishing and brainstorming ideas for that other anthology I want to query. But in between those things, I managed to get my hands on some anime! So, here's a long overdue review of Maria Watches Over Us.

I've watched season one and two and I've come to two conclusions:
1) I have a weakness for shojo. I can't help it. As warped as I am, give me a good silly story with decent characters and I get emotionally invested. I wanted to know everything about these girls and I wanted them to have beautiful friendships with their "sisters" (it's kinda their way or mentoring in the school they attend) for the rest of their lives. I laughed with them, teared up when they cried and genuinely wanted them to graduate and succeed.

2) Yuri is nothing like Yaoi. When searching around, this title came up under Yuri and me being ME, I'm thinking "If it's anything like the yaoi titles I've seen, this is gonna be demented and I would want the rest of my family to be far away when I'm watching it." Not even close. Maria is primarily focused on the emotional relationships between the girls. In fact, it's ONLY focus is how the friendships function and why, and how they grow and change over time. Grab any yaoi manga or video and that's SO not the case. Given that the market for both genres is the same (young women) you'd think there'd be some more emotion in yaoi or more... *achem* sleeze in the yuri. While I am VERY glad there's no sleeze in Maria (it's set in high school, for gods sakes...) I see this divide everywhere. Even in so called yuri manga. Even if the women are obviously in love, they barely share more than a meaningful glance. Meanwhile, the men are boning like jack rabbits through the whole damn thing, sometimes before they even know each other's names.

So, if you're looking for Maria to be like say, the female version of Kizuna, you will be absolutely disappointed. But if you want a classic high school drama filled with real emotion that keeps you going to the next episode, I encourage you to watch Maria. It's just too adorable for words.

Oh, and keep voting for my story on Web Fiction. They refresh the votes every week so daily voting keeps me in the top 5. ;)

I'm almost done with Peach Girl so I'll be reviewing that next. ;)
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Dreamhunter is almost done with it's typo crawl and now has a dedication and all that fun sort of crap. XD So, it will be up on Create Space by the end of the week. They say it takes 3-5 days for the book to end up on Amazon so I'll make up dates all around when that happens. ;)

I've also started working on a Zazzle shop where the ATQM logo will be slapped on entirely too much merchandise to be healthy.

I'm trying to submit Go Away Girls and Gods in the Grey City (formally known as Ciro and Tia) to this web fiction archive (where it can later be voted on) but they have a 4k word minimum. What, do you think I wouldn't continue such AWESOME stories!? For shame... *wags finger* The point here being that I think I could effing DOMINATE that list. >D Easily. So be prepared for me to start hassling people to vote for my site daily.

In other news, they started full on construction on the house now that the board of whoevers finally said we could change our own house. T_T It all sounds as you would expect a couple of guys demolishing the second floor of a house TO sound, so I am glad to be at work even though it's a holiday. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be icy rain so I doubt they'll be there. I took Tuesday off  to enjoy the boring adult job of registering my monster kid for school in the fall. Ah, soon I shall once again know the joys of being on vacation yet having the house to myself. >} At least for part of the day. This is only pre-k we're talking about here.

Oh, and while I didn't type it up, I finished that script. As soon as it's typed, I'll be passing it on to my partner in crime so she can work her magic. Hopefully us working together won't make the universe explode from the sheer amount of awesome.

Speaking of awesome, I do need to type up my thoughts on Scott Pilgrim vs The World and The Sorcerer's Apprentice. I'll also be watching Suspiria tonight. See, I'm cheap and apethetic towards most things, not to mention a cynic and possesor of a pitifully small attention span, so I miss things when they are all shiny new. Hence the late reviews. ^_^ Wait till you get my thoughts on Firefly. I gotta watch the first disk again because I had too much fun watching it and don't remember exactly what happened. I am very special. ^_^

Best be getting back to work, kiddiez. Stay safe and stay warm 'cause it's too fucking cold!!! >O
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There are certain authors who could write a phone book and I would run off to read it. Robert Krikman is one of them. As the go to gal for graphic novels in my library, you know damn well I made sure to get The Walking Dead series as part of my collection. I also make sure to read as much of the collection as I can. I got sucked into this series from word one. Cue the fangirlish screaming when I hear a television show is being made!

And of course the "please don't fuck this up" prayers.

I consider my prayers answered! I am so happy with where this show is going, I can scarcely believe it! I've seen a lot of zombie movies (it was one of the cravings I had when I was pregnant... Don't ask.) and while I may be biased since I'm a fan of the comic, The Walking Dead gives me so much more than just "zomg, don't eat me." If I want that I can watch Resident Evil AND I'll get to stare at Michelle Rodriguez. Walking Dead is not really about the zombies, it's about the survivors and how this effects them. People love to sit and wonder "Gee, I wonder how I'd fair in the zombie apocalypse?" And here, you get a likely answer. You would scrape for any normalcy you could get all the while being stripped of your sanity and civility.

As for my plan? I plan to be the most epic zombie ever. Me and my zombie kid shall roam together a la this book, until my hillbilly husband puts a bullet in my head. XD I harbor no illusions as to my physical prowess. I'd be infected and roaming the countryside in a week.

As for my little experiment, I've gotten one story complete so far and I'm close to another one getting finished in a day or so depending on where it goes. I'm also sketching again (hell froze over and Dad is pissed) so I plan to open a Zazzle shop with some of my little doodles on them. Anything to make the money, baby!
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Wednesdays are my usual late nights where I work at the library from 1-9pm, leaving the mornings to get various errands done or simply gird my loins for the long night. This week was a trip to the pediatrician to have the doc take a look at my coughing, runny nosed kid. We get to the office and don't have to wait long, which is good because me and Penny have a similar attention span only a different taste in toys, and all the doctor has to do is LOOK at her and she starts screaming her head off. 0.0

My monkeygirl was warned ahead of time that there would be no shots this visit, that since she was sick, we were going to the doctor to make her better. She understood and was glad she was going. But once he was in front of her, we had to hold her down just so he could check her throat. You'd think we were torturing her the way she screamed!

On the upside? No strep throat.

The doctor sent me home with instructions to get her Dimatapp which said expressly on the label not to give to any kid under 6. I decided not to take the chance, given the HUGE Tylenol recall, and opted for a medicine for kids 2 and up. After the Tylenol thing, I just don't trust over the counter medications for my kid. Me? I'm old. I can take the punishment. There's still hope for my monkeygirl, so I'm not taking the chance.

I've been writing pretty steadily and reading here and there. I'm almost done with "American Woman in the Chinese Hat" which is sad but very good. I also finished a short story; "Chasing His Own Tale" by Marc Vun Kannon. It's a really cute story which I will review in full tomorrow (since I don't have it in front of me now). I met him on Twitter. W00t to social networking!! :D It'd be cool if he read my stuff, too, but I'm not gonna hassle him. No sense being a whiner about it, ya know?

These days, I've been working alternately on "Go Away Girls" and "Greenhouse." See that hotlink there? First chapter of "Girls" went up on Sunday. Go. Read. Discuss. Then eat a cookie. :)


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