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Tis October so the familiar rumblings of NaNoWriMo are upon us again. Let me succinctly sum up my feelings on this matter: I'm not doing that crazy shit again!!! I did it last year and not only did I NOT make the word count, the words I DID write were utter crap! There is something to be said, as loudly and often as possible, for quality over quantity. I started the Dreamhunter sequel during it and looking back on what was written, there is SO much work that needs to be done to it which would have been avoided if I would have just taken my time and done it correctly. This includes entire scenes which were left out because I was straining for a damn word count. A complete and utter waste of an entire month.

While it is an admirable goal for me to try and finish a novel in less than 8 years (that's how long it took DH to be officially completed), that is not the way to go. So it takes awhile. You, as well as me, will just have to live with that.

This is not to say I have no plans for November. Quite the opposite, actually. For that month, I will be taking a break from both my novels to see how many short stories I can complete in a month's time. Not typed and clean, just start to finish, under 100 pages or so. Perhaps one will be the spring board to another novel? Crap, I hope not. I've got about 10 in here... *knocks head* But I need practice in keeping things short. That's what I want to learn from this. ^_^


Jun. 30th, 2010 07:59 pm
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So I'm sitting here, typing up my hard copy of Greenhouse and - I'm sure every writer says this at some point but - this sucks. Big time. Now, I knew this going to be a lot of work because this part of the hard copy I wrote during NaNoWriMo and it's more brain vomit than polished prose but WOW.

It's so bad, I'm not even THINKING of editing it right now. There's just no point. Besides, in a certain mood, cleaning up and fleshing out scenes is really fun. Even the really difficult ones are like a puzzle and it gives me this great "ah HA" moment that's completely worth the work. :)

That said, I better get back to it.
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Yesterday, I found "Final Exit" in Ma's car. I wasn't supposed to see it.

Later that night, my husband tells me Ma told him a few weeks ago the doctors gave her a year to live.

Nanowrimo is over. I didn't make the 50k and I really don't care. That's just the kind of news that kills your inspiration.
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Chapter 6 is up and I'm going to be typing my nanowrimo entry on Sunday and Monday seeing as how it's just easier for me to write whatever I have and type it up later.

Unless I had bought that netbook like I wanted in April rather than being all frugal and shit and saving my money. >_<

Ah well... Onward and upward. :p


Nov. 9th, 2009 09:16 am
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Current count: 8801 words.


Nov. 3rd, 2009 12:05 pm
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Word count: 2727

No regular updates since if I have time to update, I should be writing. :p


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