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Remember that short story I was writing for the erotic lesbian steampunk anthology?

Here it is. ;)

I love this universe and I will absolutely write more with these ladies in the future; both erotic and non-erotic. :) They're some cool ladies. XD

In other news, Mom had her scan and basically, there's no change in the actual cancer. She's still in the hospital and she will be till all the shingles are healed and she can swallow food on her own. When she does come home, Ma will have an aide to help her around the house.

But at least she can come home.

I'm working on more of Gods in the Grey City and hope to post more on the site. Once that's one, it'll go to Kindle, too. I'm working on having a whole little corner of Amazon just for me. XD If I can get enough out there, maybe I can make some extra money to afford a dryer! :D I would love to own a dryer... *dreams* But all in due time.

Tonight, since I have a three day weekend, I'll be working on starting a baby sweater (not for me) and practicing driving. I will also try to finish Grey City so I can get it edited and I can move on to the next project. I'm hustling baby!! XD
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10 Fantasy Sagas That Are Wronger Than Twilight

A friend of mine sent me this article. Now, just FYI, you can't sent me articles like this without me instantly thinking of this as a challenge. XD Immediately, I sent off to interloaning these books from wherever they could be gotten, and reading them as they come in. You think I would have learned my lesson from The Sleeping Beauty books but no. (thar be naughty bits behind that link... and spoilers)

I'm almost finished with #3 The Cat's Fancy by Julie Kenner. It's a typical romance so far. Nothing really creepy about it. Cat loves man. Cat turns herself human to woo man but is only a human at night. If he was giving the cat smexy eyes, I would pause but eh, it's a fairy tale. No bestiality in sight so it's a palatable romance if you like that sort of thing.

I'm not going to slog my way through the entire list. I don't think anyone reading this blog could pay me enough to read another Laurel K. Hamilton book after reading Cerulean Sins a few years ago. About the 8th time she had to feed the "ardeur" I just stopped caring because it jarred the story so much. And you know it's bad when a perv like me sits back and thinks "Are you done having sex yet? Because there's some sort of plot I was interested in." Usually it's the other way around. XD Like with the Immortals After Dark series I've been reading.

Hey, all the books I read can't be Bradbuy. I make no excuses for my trashy reading choices, thank you very much.

In other news, I'm still working on the lesbian thriller. I don't think anyone really believes I've written a single word of it considering I keep talking about the damn thing in every other way but "I finally finished the effing thing!" But I have till the 30th to turn it in for the anthology. It's gonna be a rainy weekend so I'll be spending it typing whatever I finish writing tonight and tomorrow. I wanna keep this one shorter than the steampunk one.

I guess if I wanna get it done, I should focus or something silly like that. 9_9
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I'd planned a long entry a couple days ago but then Ma went into the hospital with shingles and well, I freaked out. She's doing fine so now that I'm calmer I can update the blog with SOMETHING. :p

I'm awaiting a file review for getting Dreamhunter on Kindle and a review of my book from Sorean by [ profile] clockworklady . Pardon me for freaking out in both cases. XD I'm trying not to chew my fingernails right off.

Once I'm confident DH went up smoothly, the short stories will start to go up. Eventually, I would like to collect all my short stories in a bound book but for now, Kindle seems to be the way to go for me.

My new 5 page a day goal is going pretty well (the hospital scare where I not only did NOT write, I didn't sleep... Or eat). I've been bouncing back and forth between Greenhouse, Grey City and the lesbian thriller. I'm having such a fabulous time working on them, you have no idea. >D I grab every spare moment I can. :)

Since Ma is still in the hospital, I'm walking to the train on weekday mornings. Today I managed to give myself a fabulous blister on my foot so instead of watching Dr. Who on the treadmill, I'll just sit and watch it. I also have to review Paradise Kiss for you guys.

All in good time, my pretties.
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Dreamhunter is almost done with it's typo crawl and now has a dedication and all that fun sort of crap. XD So, it will be up on Create Space by the end of the week. They say it takes 3-5 days for the book to end up on Amazon so I'll make up dates all around when that happens. ;)

I've also started working on a Zazzle shop where the ATQM logo will be slapped on entirely too much merchandise to be healthy.

I'm trying to submit Go Away Girls and Gods in the Grey City (formally known as Ciro and Tia) to this web fiction archive (where it can later be voted on) but they have a 4k word minimum. What, do you think I wouldn't continue such AWESOME stories!? For shame... *wags finger* The point here being that I think I could effing DOMINATE that list. >D Easily. So be prepared for me to start hassling people to vote for my site daily.

In other news, they started full on construction on the house now that the board of whoevers finally said we could change our own house. T_T It all sounds as you would expect a couple of guys demolishing the second floor of a house TO sound, so I am glad to be at work even though it's a holiday. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be icy rain so I doubt they'll be there. I took Tuesday off  to enjoy the boring adult job of registering my monster kid for school in the fall. Ah, soon I shall once again know the joys of being on vacation yet having the house to myself. >} At least for part of the day. This is only pre-k we're talking about here.

Oh, and while I didn't type it up, I finished that script. As soon as it's typed, I'll be passing it on to my partner in crime so she can work her magic. Hopefully us working together won't make the universe explode from the sheer amount of awesome.

Speaking of awesome, I do need to type up my thoughts on Scott Pilgrim vs The World and The Sorcerer's Apprentice. I'll also be watching Suspiria tonight. See, I'm cheap and apethetic towards most things, not to mention a cynic and possesor of a pitifully small attention span, so I miss things when they are all shiny new. Hence the late reviews. ^_^ Wait till you get my thoughts on Firefly. I gotta watch the first disk again because I had too much fun watching it and don't remember exactly what happened. I am very special. ^_^

Best be getting back to work, kiddiez. Stay safe and stay warm 'cause it's too fucking cold!!! >O
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Remember all that writing I've been talking about? Here's some of the evidence of it. This story is based on some art I did (both old and new) and it's been kicking around in my head for YEARS. No sense wasting a good idea so here it is. That title is not permanent and I'll change it whenever a better one comes along. :p

I'm not sure what will be up next. I have a script but that I won't be posting when it's done. It goes right to the artist/my boss after that. ;)

So enjoy! Or not. Either way, go read it. XD
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And now begins the three week period of accidentally writing 2010 on everything. :p

I've started out this year strong with my food diary and several stories to work on. :) I'm also trying to be less of a lurker in the 50 or so blogs I read. Granted, if I say nothing I don't sound like an ass but I suppose on occasion, it's ok to sound like an ass. ^_^ So be prepared to see my link popping up on your pages, kids.

Also, I'll be adding my erotica section soon. The only thing holding it back is the typing of the story I've written so far. I also have an update for Go Away Girls pending and I'm DYIN to work on this library themed dystopian fantasy that's been kicking around in my head. But let us get the unfinished projects finished first, shall we?

And I'll be posting more nonsensical crap for you all to enjoy. Can't forget about that. :p I enjoy nonsensical crap. ^_^


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