Jun. 30th, 2010 07:59 pm
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So I'm sitting here, typing up my hard copy of Greenhouse and - I'm sure every writer says this at some point but - this sucks. Big time. Now, I knew this going to be a lot of work because this part of the hard copy I wrote during NaNoWriMo and it's more brain vomit than polished prose but WOW.

It's so bad, I'm not even THINKING of editing it right now. There's just no point. Besides, in a certain mood, cleaning up and fleshing out scenes is really fun. Even the really difficult ones are like a puzzle and it gives me this great "ah HA" moment that's completely worth the work. :)

That said, I better get back to it.
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I spent an entire day (Saturday to be exact) in front of the netbook getting aaalll of those edits done. And they are indeed done! Just a final grammar check then ZOOM!! Off to my agent person! :D

While the grammar check happens (not by me, thank the gods), I'm back to work on the "Dreamhunter" sequel "Greenhouse" and back to my 250 word a day goal. With that in mind, I better get to work. ;)
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Instead of writing, I've been editing trying to meet my deadline so I am fairly uncertain about tomorrow's update.  ._. Nobody knows what the day will bring so I'm not backing out of it just yet.

So, my deep thoughts on being 29 (as I'm sure you are all chomping at the bit to hear them). When I think about what I've accomplished in 29 years, I really can't say I've done a bad job. I have a good career, good kid, good husband, have set foot in at least 5 other countries, written two complete novels, and a bevy of short stories. I can't complain. So, bring it on, 30. I look forward to it. ^_^

Gee, is there anything else I forgot to cover? *ponders*
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I've gotten to the point where I had to flat out ask for a deadline. I was given till March 19th to have "Dreamhunter" all clean and pretty. :) Since given that date, I've completed about 10 pages of edits bringing me to page 117 of 250.

As to this week's update, I'm not entirely sure what to post. The grand experiment "Djinn" or something new?

I call it the grand experiment cause I'm just having fun with it. No plan at all. No outline, nada. XD

I'd have more thoughts but editing really ate my brain. In fact, I think I gave myself a headache. o_O

Good night!
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Due to my inability to find the files for my older short stories, they all have to be retyped so tomorrow's update is up in the air. If I don't make it, I'll put up a note to try for better luck next week.

Now to my 250 and more Dreamhunter editing so I can have it printed before I drop dead.
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I have justified my existence by putting something in my shop. W00t.

Now I need to crochet more.

And edit. That can't be stressed enough.

And d00d! My kid read today! She can read! Woohoo!! >D


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