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As some much needed good news for today, I see another 5 star review on my vampire novel. :)

Not that I check them every day…

Not at all…

Shaddap. XD
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I sent in the query for the lesbian thriller anthology today. Even though you're supposed to query with the idea first before beginning work on the story, I personally felt better having it nearly complete beforehand. Even if the idea is a bust with the editor, I still have a story I can use elsewhere. I have a few final edits to make but I'm holding off to hear from the editor.

I've been getting back to work on GH and having a complete ball with it. It's SO much fun working on it again, I can't even tell you. XD Of course getting another 5 star review on Dreamhunter doesn't hurt, either. ;)

I also have become enamored with this video:

As a fan of Gaga and Judas Priest, I had a complete fangirlgasm. It's really well done. 0.0

Won't some generous fan make a fanvid or fanfic of my characters one day? A girl can dream... ;)
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Since I seem to be meeting so many interesting people on Twitter, I'm going to really try and comment on more of their blogs. I've added a good chunk of my Twitter follower's blogs to my Google reader and if you see a comment from some crazy chick named "Lenni" do not me alarmed. It's my lame assed attempt to be social.

Other than that, I am still working on my second novel for the First Brood series and the lesbian thriller for that anthology query. I am also thinking about posting the rejected steampunk lesbian story I wrote. I still get a kick about an anthology out there for a concept I was already working on, but it's awesome that it's out there even if I'm not a part of it. ^_^

I think a LOT about types of characters which are underrepresented or represented poorly. Where are the bisexual, biracial, career women who are in stable relationships? And I don't think of this just cause I wanna see more people like myself, I really think there's a terrible stigma against bisexuals to this day. It sucks, but it's there.

So, I guess that's my indie writer's advice of the day: If you don't see enough of it? Write it. XD

Now, back to work for me. ;)

Wow... 0.0

Apr. 23rd, 2011 10:49 am
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I randomly logged into Create Space to work on getting Dreamhunter on Kindle (pauses for cheers of joy) and I see that I have a message.

I sold a book. To somebody I don't know.

I'm sure this has happened before since I've sold a grand total of 20 or so copies of DH and I know about 8-10 of them personally (and minus the 4 copies I've purchased myself), but I'm still nervous that someone I don't know has my baby in their hands. I really hope they like it. *chews fingernails*

My ankle is healing nicely and I'm spending the time reading and writing. Mostly, I've been working on Greenhouse but of course there are other stories floating around. I'm brainstorming the third book in the First Brood series already but that doesn't have a title yet.

I'm a little wonky today since last night was hubbsters 30th birthday dinner. I nursed one cherry blossom martini the whole night while he got shitfaced. I also went home early so I could steal Monkeygirl cuddles and he went to a bar and got so drunk (I hear) that people were able to draw on him without his knowledge. I demand pictures, people!! XD

Since it is a rainy and crappy day, I'm sure it'll be quiet so I can write.

Now that I've said that, I'm sure it won't happen. :p
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There are moments where I wonder why I bother to keep writing. Aside for knowing I will go completely insane if I don't get all these ideas out of my head, it's really easy to feel you ware writing for nobody but yourself and the 5 people around you who care enough to support your delusion vision. You want to give up

Then fate comes along.

Another patron told me today how much he loved my book and is looking forward to the sequel. :) He told me in completely honest terms that a book never outright made him squeal for more like a true otaku and I get the feeling he'll be on my ass to get the other one finished asap. XD

I also scrounged up all the notebooks from my short story project and will be updating the site with them over the next few weeks. Not particularly on a schedule just as they get typed and edited.

And here I was feeling all useless and such. :)
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Here I am back from my week long girl get away. Eh, it's not bad to be back. I did miss my family. But man, did I ever have fun. >}

I'm back to writing and typing Greenhouse as I edit Dreamhunter to be put up on Createspace. I also have to finish typing all those short stories and the next bit of Go Away Girls to post on the site. It's been a busy holiday season what with all the baking I've been doing to prepare (and for fun), but since I'm going back to work in the morning, I'll have my head completely back in the game tomorrow. ^_^

Tomorrow is also Yule, which I look forward to almost as much as Beltane. :) This year will have a full moon as well so I would like to take the kiddo out to gaze at it as long as weather permits. She's a little young for full on rituals so a little prayer will have to do.

The holidays are certainly taking there toll on me. I can tell because I'm perpetually sleepy and I have a lovely, stress induced sty forming. It doesn't look bad and I intend to keep it that way, damnit. If I keep soaking it and can manage not to touch my eye, it should be gone in time for the 25th where I will be shuttled around to people who don't hide from cameras like I do. >_o If not, I'll have to get creative about my poses. XD

Till tomorrow, lovelies!
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Using a pen, I have done terrible, TERRIBLE things to paper.

And I can't wait to share. >}

I am one sick woman. XD

More ego stroking: Today, I was told by a coworker that a patron who took my book out was absolutely raving about it and wanted to meet me. I am not used to people I don't know telling me they like my book, to be honest. It's cool and nerve wracking at the same time. @_@ I ordered some business cards to promote the short fiction that's there (and what's to come, mwahahaha!!) so I hope I'll sell more books and get more traffic to my site.

Like my writing? Tell a friend. That's all I ask. ;)
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Tis October so the familiar rumblings of NaNoWriMo are upon us again. Let me succinctly sum up my feelings on this matter: I'm not doing that crazy shit again!!! I did it last year and not only did I NOT make the word count, the words I DID write were utter crap! There is something to be said, as loudly and often as possible, for quality over quantity. I started the Dreamhunter sequel during it and looking back on what was written, there is SO much work that needs to be done to it which would have been avoided if I would have just taken my time and done it correctly. This includes entire scenes which were left out because I was straining for a damn word count. A complete and utter waste of an entire month.

While it is an admirable goal for me to try and finish a novel in less than 8 years (that's how long it took DH to be officially completed), that is not the way to go. So it takes awhile. You, as well as me, will just have to live with that.

This is not to say I have no plans for November. Quite the opposite, actually. For that month, I will be taking a break from both my novels to see how many short stories I can complete in a month's time. Not typed and clean, just start to finish, under 100 pages or so. Perhaps one will be the spring board to another novel? Crap, I hope not. I've got about 10 in here... *knocks head* But I need practice in keeping things short. That's what I want to learn from this. ^_^
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I LOVE Jeff Somers' books. I got lucky enough to meet him quite by chance at NY Comic Con last year when I had no clue what he looked like. The exchange went something like this:

Me (with fangirlish glee): YOU wrote The Electric Church!!
Mr. Somers (in fear and quite ready to flee from me): Yeeesss...
Me: I LOVE that book!!
Mr. Somers (in very obvious relief): Oh, thank you. That's great! Here, let me sign that copy for you.

And he did.

This is relevant because I wanted to share this video when Mr. Somers responds to an question about his writing process (which is a question I am often asked and think he has the best response):

I really enjoy what he says about word counts and having the best intentions for the day. I'm not giving up on my word goals but I'm not going to be as hard on myself if I don't quite make it. But I'm sticking to my guns about cheap RED wine and not cheap white wine. White wine feels like nail polish remover on my tongue.

No, I have not deliberately tasted nail polish remover. I just stupidly put my finger near my mouth after cleaning off my nails.

Now, I'm not sure who's luckier: Him, who get's to write all day, or me, who get's to see all these awesome books coming into the library all day and write whenever there's a quiet moment to be had... I think I have to say me cause my job sends me to conventions and expos where I get advance copies of certain crazy author's books. XD

For this week's shortie? A snippet from the Dreamhunter sequel, Greenhouse:

Raquel smiled. "You don't know what love feels like, huh?"
"Right to the point as always." Darjeeling grumbled, her cheeks turning the red that was once her hair.
"It's warm." Raquel held her friend's chin in one hand while applying muddy gel to Darjeeling's eyebrows with the other. "You feel an overwhelming warmth when you look at them. You start to see them as brand new again, like they're a fabulous stranger. If you don't see them, it shocks you to your core." She smirked at Darjeeling's bewildered expression." Sound familiar?"

Now, I'm off to do whatever I can while I'm at Dayjob. Tomorrow is Get New Shoes For Monkeygirl and Work On Website day. This clueless author finally figured out what was wrong with the root directory that was making the old page come up instead of the new one. Lookit me, lernin shit.
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I'm not a big user of brainstorming. In school, I used to roll my eyes and groan whenever that was a required part of an assignment. Now it seems I'm fricking CONSUMED by it! I always thought it was a waste of time, still kinda do, but it's better than staring at the blank page wondering why the hell it won't tell you what do to. Having a completely disorganized list of ideas is so much more productive. :p

With another short story under my belt tonight will be more "Greenhouse" typing and some brainstorming. I need some erotica ideas, some ideas for my "female friendship" story, and I have a demented idea for "Chick lit for chicks who are fucked up" which I really have to play with. it's just too fun not to. >}

So as I sit with my newly christened brainstorming notepad (meaning the first one that my fingers hit when I reached out for one) I try to imagine where I want my story to go, what I want the reader to get out of it, and what the characters have to tell me. Very often while I do this, an entire random scene will come out.  Many times I don't use them but sometimes I do. If I don't, it'll end up on a Super Shorty Saturday post like the others. XD I have a ton that I've never managed to use. But I keep everything, no matter what. And lucky for all of you lovely people, you get to read it. XD

And don't forget Dreamhunter is available for purchase. Yes, I will be mentioning that a lot. ;)


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