Dec. 29th, 2010 09:46 am
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One of my followers on Twitter (I forget who since I promptly got whiplash) finished four novels this year. FOUR!!

Well, I feel like a lazy ass. T_T

So, for 2011, I just hope to finish all my works in progress and get some scripts done for comics. I need to produce as much as I can, dayjob or not.

This is what I have to say to 2010, let's DO this shit 2011!!!
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If a book is so disgusting you cringe to touch it to put it in a bag? Don't bother to donate it to a library. Please. Your friendly neighborhood librarian is tired of getting rashes from old, dirty, moldy books. I know you feel bad throwing them away, I understand that feeling, but if you can barely touch it, how is anybody else supposed to read it?

And I'm tired of getting rashes from these things. It's just gross.


Lenni the Librarian.


Oct. 6th, 2010 05:32 pm
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I love, love, LOVE my job! Especially on days where I am approached by young patrons (not so young but younger than me) whose jaws just hit the floor when they see the graphic novel collection I've built and say "You've got the coolest job in the world!"

Yes. Yes, I do.
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We have 8 librarians in Adult Reference, 6 of them are female. Asking me "Where is the other lady. The one that usually sits here?" is not helpful. Cause we ALL sit here at various times of the day.

Details are important, people!! >D
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Technology is wonderful. So wonderful, your cellphones come with both vibrate and silent modes. Look in to it, people.


Lenni the Librarian
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I am both revered and reviled by the general pubic. I have been made to smile and made to cry.

But today was a first: I was asked out on a date. I've been hit on before (one guy still comes in and checks to see if I'm still married) but flat being asked on a date was very new. I very diplomatically told the nice man I usually go to lunch with my husband.

Gosh it's so hard being so hawt! XD

It really makes me wonder where the librarian fantasy came from. There really aren't many writer fantasies. "Secret Window" does NOT count... Even though I could stare at Johnny Depp forever, his character is the quintessential writer stereotype: Unwashed, nap driven, chip eating, couch lumps who sit at the computer every so often to churn out a few pages to line the shelves of your Barnes and Noble.

While I work out how librarians got to be smexy, I also need to see if we can make writing sexy. Something other than a relationship or sex advice columnist for a magazine. I must have seen that plot on the back of a dozen romance/erotica/there-is-a-thin-plot-between-sex-scenes books. How do we change the image of the quintessential writer?

Aaahhh, and I see Epic Fail has not given up yet. I am seriously considering launching a campaign to take every one of Shyamalan's ideas and re-write them. When I was active on Twilight Sucks, they had a Twilight series re-write. I see no reason not to do the same here. >}

I am eevviill... Maybe that's why I keep getting hit on. XD
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I really need to stop thinking that having a day off will allow me to get more writing done. 9_9 If anything, the reverse is true. If I'm at Dayjob, I'm able to write on my breaks. If I'm at home, there are no breaks. In fact, the moment I decide to pick up a pen because Monkey-girl has her attentions elsewhere, Mommy is suddenly a hot commodity and life cannot go on without my complete and utter attention to what she's doing. Sweet? Of course. But not writer friendly.

So, it's back to the tried and true method of cramming as many words as possible in between her bedtime and mine. I'll still be taking my goal down to 500 a day so I feel less horrid about myself. 9_9

On the upside, me and the child have never been closer. ;) That may not get Greenhouse done as fast as I'd like, but a better goal in the long run. ^_^


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