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Today was not easy. I went with Mom to the pulmonologist and he decreed her eligible for the oxygen machine... That we already had delivered. 9_9 And because Mom had the doctor's appointment, she didn't take her shingles meds in the morning, leaving her in pain. I dunno which would have been worse: nausea and dizziness from the meds (I would have driven the car) or the pain? But hey, she made the call, for better or worse.

We have a follow-up with him in two weeks.

But getting home was a nightmare. I could see tears in her eyes from the pain. It was just unreal... By the time I got her home, medicated, and laying down, I was in tears myself. It took the rest of the day for me to just calm down and try and get some work done. It really is the shingles messing with her. When Mom takes the medication, she's... Is "fine" really the word to use for slightly less excruciating nerve pain?

On the plus side, I got a positive response to my query! I'm making the changes the editor asked for and will resubmit the short story to her by Friday.

Tomorrow is not only my daughter's birthday, but also the Summer Solstice. :) I'm not sure if I'll be able to do anything fancy but I did leave out an apple as an offering today. Better to strike while the iron is hot, right? I did spot a statue that would be perfect for an outside altar (till I can afford the one I really want) but I will be totally honest, I do NOT have my head together to plan much beyond "Edit story. Child needs birthday cake." So you'll have to forgive the lack of interaction from me. If you can, I'm sure the gods will.

I do feel my duty as a daughter could have been done better. I really froze. I need to be slightly less of a complete spaz and get my shit together. >_< Mom needs my help and since I never would have made it this car without her, she deserves my best.
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I'm off till Thursday for the combination of my daughter's birthday and Litha (Summer Solstice). I spend ALL DAY yesterday doing laundry so I wouldn't have to spend my entire vacation doing it and could maybe get caught up on my writing. Funny thing: I get more writing done when I have to go to work than when I'm home all day. It's just too much distraction chasing my daughter around all day and finding ways to keep her entertained.

And I'm thinking of having another kid?! I must be out of my mind!!!

Anyways, today's plan is to accompany my mother to the doctor. Depending on when we get out, I may take the kid to the park or just go home and write while she naps. I have no idea. @_@ Watch, I'll end up cleaning the floors instead of writing. >_<
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I sent in the query for the lesbian thriller anthology today. Even though you're supposed to query with the idea first before beginning work on the story, I personally felt better having it nearly complete beforehand. Even if the idea is a bust with the editor, I still have a story I can use elsewhere. I have a few final edits to make but I'm holding off to hear from the editor.

I've been getting back to work on GH and having a complete ball with it. It's SO much fun working on it again, I can't even tell you. XD Of course getting another 5 star review on Dreamhunter doesn't hurt, either. ;)

I also have become enamored with this video:

As a fan of Gaga and Judas Priest, I had a complete fangirlgasm. It's really well done. 0.0

Won't some generous fan make a fanvid or fanfic of my characters one day? A girl can dream... ;)
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The typed rough draft of the lesbian thriller entry is complete!! MwahaHA!!

Oh, it needs so much editing it's not even funny; but it's there and I'm happy. ^_^ Because I can work on Greenhouse again! YAYZ!

But looking at how things are going I may be able to submit on Saturday.  If I've learned anything is that I'm not exactly the best at writing mysteries/thrillers/noir-thingz but that could change if I ever decided to do another one.

If I do? There will be dragons in it or SOMETHING!!

On a slightly less productive note, I finished my first foray in to 10 Fantasy Sagas That Are Wronger Than Twilight with The Cat's Fancy and yeah, typical romance. Nothing overtly horrid. Nothing to see here. I also finished Pleasure Unbound, by Larissa Ione and, again, another 'meh' on the "wrong" factor scale. I mean, I can see where someone who hasn't read supernatural romance may be put off by the "Wow, it's page 5 and they're screwing already cause he's an incubus but she's just had her guts stitched back together" thing but after about 10 of these, you expect it. Especially if you've written and read about incubi before. It's as if a shark bit you, it's what they DO: Have sex with women. Give me an incubus who's made a vow of celibacy. Now THAT would be odd.

Now I'm reading Touched by Venom, by Janine Cross and already we've got people getting high on dragon venom and whipping each other with their junk hanging out so I'm already heading towards "What have I done to my brain" territory. Not quite. That's reserved for the Beauty books. XD Yes, I will keep linking back to that and YES, there are spoilers for the series there.

As for my Mom, things are still going the same. It's day by day, week by week. So, there really is no sense being overly depressed about it. She's here NOW and that's what matters. :)

Better get back to work then, eh? Time waits for no one! :D
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No good news from the doctors. :( Sadly, it's just a matter of "when" not "if" but I always knew that. Her cancer is terminal, inoperable, and comes with a whole host of complications.

Ma could live the next two years or be gone by the end of summer. There's just no way to tell. In the meantime, me and my husband are taking on the tasks she uses to do, like driving the kid around and laundry and such.

It just blows my mind that this is the second time I will watch a parent succumb to lung cancer. And neither my Mother nor my Grandmother smoked a day in their lives.
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10 Fantasy Sagas That Are Wronger Than Twilight

A friend of mine sent me this article. Now, just FYI, you can't sent me articles like this without me instantly thinking of this as a challenge. XD Immediately, I sent off to interloaning these books from wherever they could be gotten, and reading them as they come in. You think I would have learned my lesson from The Sleeping Beauty books but no. (thar be naughty bits behind that link... and spoilers)

I'm almost finished with #3 The Cat's Fancy by Julie Kenner. It's a typical romance so far. Nothing really creepy about it. Cat loves man. Cat turns herself human to woo man but is only a human at night. If he was giving the cat smexy eyes, I would pause but eh, it's a fairy tale. No bestiality in sight so it's a palatable romance if you like that sort of thing.

I'm not going to slog my way through the entire list. I don't think anyone reading this blog could pay me enough to read another Laurel K. Hamilton book after reading Cerulean Sins a few years ago. About the 8th time she had to feed the "ardeur" I just stopped caring because it jarred the story so much. And you know it's bad when a perv like me sits back and thinks "Are you done having sex yet? Because there's some sort of plot I was interested in." Usually it's the other way around. XD Like with the Immortals After Dark series I've been reading.

Hey, all the books I read can't be Bradbuy. I make no excuses for my trashy reading choices, thank you very much.

In other news, I'm still working on the lesbian thriller. I don't think anyone really believes I've written a single word of it considering I keep talking about the damn thing in every other way but "I finally finished the effing thing!" But I have till the 30th to turn it in for the anthology. It's gonna be a rainy weekend so I'll be spending it typing whatever I finish writing tonight and tomorrow. I wanna keep this one shorter than the steampunk one.

I guess if I wanna get it done, I should focus or something silly like that. 9_9
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I don't care about Weiner's weiner. There. Dick joke completed.

Seriously here, I have nothing to do with that penis so I am very sick of hearing about it. The only penis I care about is the one I come in direct contact with - The one I married. THAT one has real consequences and I SHOULD know where it's been and what (or who) it's doing.

Should a man be responsible for his penis? Yes. It should be kept clean and only shared with those who ask. You should protect it with a jacket in harsh environments. But I no more care about Weiner's penis than the nice young man who helped me at Starbucks or the guy who comes into the library and reads nothing but The Post (for the lulz, you see).

So, remember media: The dick jokes will get old and there is a little matter of people losing their jobs and becoming homeless and shit. Why not talk about that for awhile?

... Now I have "Every Sperm Is Sacred" stuck in my head... Damnit... XD
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Most of the time, I think I should be spending my time writing rather than reading about writing. Wouldn't my time be better spent honing my craft than reading the words of someone who's already done it? In this case it's a good thing I ignored my own advice because I would have been denied the mental TNT that is Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury.

I plan to buy a copy of my own to deface with a highlighter, but wow... I was alternately cowed and inspired. While I don't care much for word association, what I took away from this book is:

1: I am not alone in my fierce need to write. It's write or die a miserable, uncreative death choking on the words which should have been put to paper.

and 2: I will never, EVER be anywhere as good as Bradbury; who wrote most of these inspiring essays before I was even born. 0.0

After giving it a great deal of thought, I've decided that in all honesty, I shouldn't try to be like Bradbury. I shouldn't try to be like anyone and in doing so, I would have missed the entire point of Bradbury's book.

Bradbury went into great detail about how, when he was young, his "friends" would try and talk him out of his favorite comics and I can recall getting the same treatment. Especially since I was a girl. "Girls are not supposed to read X-Men." "Comics are for boys. Here, take this Barbie instead."

You know what I did with those Barbies? I played X-Men with them. Endless visits to the Hellfire Club got repetitive (what else was I supposed to do with all those gowns!?) and Cyclops was now a Black woman (not many "Ken" dolls) but I didn't care. I LOVED it. I loved comics, I loved fantasy, I thought the Crypt Keeper was a genius, and that the Twilight Zone was a temple in which Rod Sterling should be worshiped. As a teenager, Lady Death and Evil Ernie taught me that you can do any damn thing you want when you write and draw and to tell those girls who called you a lesbian for drawing women in superhero uniforms to fucking suck it. Yes, that really happened. The lesbian part, not the actual telling them to suck it. I just looked at them like they were morons and went on with my life.

What does all that senseless rambling mean? I don't need to try and be like Bradbury. I already am by virtue of being myself and having no fear. You can't write if you have fear. Am I scared that someone will come up to me and say my book sucked so hard, they wanted to pour bleach in their eyes? Sure. But in that moment when you put pen to paper and you are at the mercy of characters, pouring your soul out on to the page, you are making magic. Let it take you.
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Every so often, I think "Gee! I have <insert goal here>! I should blog about the journey! It's gonna be so awesomesause!" And for some strange reason, I start a new damn blog. >.< Hence Becoming TSA Complaint. I'll be leaving it up for posterity and because there's some pretty amusing shit there; but should the mood strike me, I'll post some bullshit about weight loss and body image here. Hey, I wanted to have more ideas to post here! Now you get to hear all about my body image issues and weight struggles!! Aren't you just so damn excited!?! :D

*crickets chirping*

Yeah, well... At least you don't have to live it. XD


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