Jan. 3rd, 2011

atthequillsmercy: (Batshit genius)
And now begins the three week period of accidentally writing 2010 on everything. :p

I've started out this year strong with my food diary and several stories to work on. :) I'm also trying to be less of a lurker in the 50 or so blogs I read. Granted, if I say nothing I don't sound like an ass but I suppose on occasion, it's ok to sound like an ass. ^_^ So be prepared to see my link popping up on your pages, kids.

Also, I'll be adding my erotica section soon. The only thing holding it back is the typing of the story I've written so far. I also have an update for Go Away Girls pending and I'm DYIN to work on this library themed dystopian fantasy that's been kicking around in my head. But let us get the unfinished projects finished first, shall we?

And I'll be posting more nonsensical crap for you all to enjoy. Can't forget about that. :p I enjoy nonsensical crap. ^_^


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